3 Places the Kids Will Love Exploring in Indianapolis


Indianapolis has many interactive, engaging, educational, and fun attractions for kids. While these attractions are great for kids, you won’t feel as if you sacrificed your ability to have fun so that your children could have a good time.

Like Disney World, Indianapolis has so many attractions for young children that you could make it a vacation ritual and always have a unique experience. Don’t miss these three places your kids will love exploring in Indianapolis.

1. Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

Most kids find museums fascinating. What kid wouldn’t love to brag about going to the largest children’s museum in the world? If you have smaller children and you want to limit your excursions to places near where you and your family are staying, then include this museum on your itinerary.

This five-story wonder offers enough activities for dinosaur-obsessed kids. Your children will find plenty to stoke their imagination here. Outdoor exhibits include a dinosaur as tall as one of the buildings. There are countless activities, exhibits, and programs to choose based on your children’s ages and interests.

2. Rhythm! Discovery Center

The Rhythm! Discovery Center is located downtown where you are sure to find hotel accommodations to suit your family’s unique needs. Rhythm will feed your children’s innate fascination with drums. This is a drum and percussion museum where your children can have fun while they learn. Rhythm’s combination of education and interactive displays make learning fun for the entire family.

Enjoy performances from both local and national groups. Book a tour, host a birthday party, or rent a venue. You have an array of options that will allow your family to groove to the rhythm of your own vacation beat.

3. The Indianapolis Zoo

If your kids never tire of animals, include a visit to the Indianapolis Zoo during your vacation. Like many of the other attractions in Indianapolis, the zoo offers your children the opportunity to learn while having the time of their lives. The Indianapolis Zoo protects species that are at risk of extinction and teaches conservation awareness. The zoo exhibits mimic the animals’ natural experiences and habitats. For instance, the Desert Dome houses creatures like snakes, iguanas, and boa constrictors.

At the zoo, you’ll find a variety of animal keeper chats and presentations, such as the baboon chat, during which your children will learn more about how the species behave and socialize. The zoo also has age-appropriate programs that will make sure both your toddlers and your teenagers are equally engaged.

These Indianapolis attractions offer programs and activities perfect for any time of year. Kids will even have the opportunity to stay connected to these programs beyond their visit, helping them feel like ambassadors to the ecosystem and carry a self-imposed responsibility to conserve the planet and its species. Indianapolis is history-rich, fun, and filled with programs that are very important to the planet. Ultimately, these attractions will have a lasting impact on kids.