6 Top Tips for Visiting Virginia Beach on a Budget


It’s not surprising that Virginia Beach is such a famous destination when you consider it holds the Guinness World Record for the longest pleasure beach in the world. And you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy its attractions as there are plenty of budget-friendly options.

The region is peppered with parks, so it’s possible to spend a lot of time just exploring nature. You can also attend one of the many festivals happening throughout the year or just meet friendly locals at the daily farmers market.

Have Fun at the Beaches

With such a long stretch of beach, you can choose to sunbathe with all the cool kids or find a secluded space to relax on your own. If you’re a feeling adventurous, you can book surf, kayak, and stand-up paddle lessons, which will definitely keep your blood flowing. Just remember to use plenty of sunscreen!

Peruse the Farmers Market

One of the best ways to explore a new city is to visit the farmers market, taste all the delicious local produce, and get to know the friendly vendors. Not only will you find the freshest fruits and vegetables, you’ll also contribute to the local business. Try to attend one of the monthly events or take your kids to an educational program on such topics as “making butter” or “grinding corn.”

Find the Perfect Accommodation

When it comes to finding a place to sleep, you’ll be spoiled for choice, as there are options for all budgets and tastes. You can take a natural approach and stay at one of the many campsites along the coast, or you can relax at the resorts and hotels dotted all over the region.

Shake Your Body at an Oceanfront Festival

Virginia Beach hosts several festivals and events every year, so try to plan your visit and attend one of them. You could listen to the steel band competition at the PANorama Caribbean Music Fest, dance salsa and merengue at the Latin Festival, or gorge on lasagna, pizzas, and gelato during the Festa Italiana.

Embrace Nature in Parks and Sanctuaries

Did you know there are over 18,000 acres of parks and wildlife sanctuaries in the area? Outdoor activities are often completely free and are a great way to immerse yourself in the surrounding nature and learn about native flora and fauna. If you head to Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, you might be able to spot loggerhead turtles, bald eagles, and wild horses.

Be Thrilled at the Amusement Park

Your trip won’t be complete without a visit to the Virginia Beach Amusement Park. It’s an ideal place to take your family, as there are rides for everyone from little ones to daring adults. Make sure you check the day passes and group discounts.

It’s nice to know that Virginia Beach welcomes all types of visitors, so if you were afraid you wouldn’t be able to explore the area on a budget, this list, fortunately, proves you wrong. Grab your sun hat, beach towel, and mosquito repellent and make the most of it!