A Beer Snob’s Guide to Seattle


Seattle has more going for it than just beautiful mountains, stunning lakes, great coffee, and world famous Puget Sound. It’s also has a ton of wonderful craft breweries and is trying to give Portland, Maine, a run for the money to become the nation’s microbrew capital. Regardless of who is king of the hill, we know one thing, craft beers are awesome and Seattle’s cup runneth over. This is a beer snob’s guide to Seattle.

Micro Brew Basics

Microbreweries first started making the news back in the mid-1980s and the craft brew industry has been growing exponentially ever since. What many people don’t realize is that there are probably as many different types of beers as there are types of wines. Some people claim to not like beer when in actuality, they don’t like certain types of beers, like maybe lagers or pilsners. They might actually love a good amber or porter; they just don’t know because they haven’t tried them yet.

Where to Go

We like Capitol Hill and the Central District for the best craft beer. In the 1900s, Capitol Hill was Seattle’s auto row and people went there to purchase a new car or get service for their vehicle. Optimism Brewery renovated one of the long-vacant auto repair shops in the neighborhood and got the trend started. Their brewing equipment is in the middle of the space, so customers get an up-close look at what it takes to brew some of the best craft beer around.


Seattle International Beerfest is one of the more popular beer festivals in the area. It normally takes place right after the Fourth of July and brings in beer lovers from around the nation to indulge in beers from around the world. On the opposite end of the spectrum, is a newer festival called Brew Seattle. It’s a beer festival that focuses exclusively on Seattle-brewed beers. Of course, you can’t miss Seattle Beer Week, which takes place every year in May. With more than 200 events to choose from during the celebration, it’s a craft beer lover’s heaven.

Where to Stay

Seattle is a top destination for tourists from around the globe, so sometimes finding a good place to stay can be a bit of a challenge. We suggest looking to one of the nearby suburbs, like Bellevue or Renton, for more affordable options. Seattle has a great public transportation system so it’s easy to catch a bus or street car to just about anywhere in the area.

The Pacific Northwest has a reputation for producing some of the best craft beer in the country. In fact, more than 99 percent of all domestic hops are grown in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. In Seattle, craft breweries are on just about every corner, and to some people, beer is their religion. From IPAs to stouts, the Emerald City’s craft beer culture is alive and well. It has a little something for everybody, so call your friends and family, appoint a designated driver — or better yet take a taxi — and become a beer snob yourself.