U.S. Aims to Sell Billion Dollar Arms to Taiwan


The United States wants to sell an estimated 1.42 billion USD arms to Taiwan, such big deal with Taiwan from Trump’s administration creates a new tension for China.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert on briefing said the administration had told Congress about seven proposed on sales on Thursday
“It’s now valued about $1.42 billion,” she said.
The department also addressed that the package they will be delivering Taiwan includes high speed Anti-radiation missiles, early warning radars​, torpedoes and missiles components.

Nauert said the sales presented U.S. “support for Taiwan’s ability to maintain a sufficient self-defense capability,” but there was no change to the United States’ long-standing “one China” policy, which recognizes Beijing and not Taipei.

Once Congress approves​ the sale, it will be largest economic deal with Taiwan from Trump’s administration. Former POTUS Barack Obama had made such a $1.81 billion deal with Taiwan in December, 2015.

Official has said the latest package ultimately  “upgrades to existing defense capabilities aimed at converting current legacy systems from analog to digital.”

Confirming the deal Taiwan defense ministry​  said the items included on the package will improve their air, ground and sea combat capabilities and will enhance it’s early warning system.
The ministry also said “We will as soon as possible discuss with the United States the purchase, the duration, the amount and other details, and plan the follow-up budget,” on Friday.