Many people have a dream to settle in another country especially when they are currently living in an under-developed country. There are many business opportunities in such countries and if they have the capital to invest, chances of their securing a visa is increased. If you fall in the same category and you wish to expand your business operations in other countries as well, Cyprus might be your next destination because it is offering business visas to the expatriates on easy terms. However, the rules and regulations must be read carefully while applying for the cyprus passport by investment because these are different for different nationals and only a good immigration consultant can guide you about the exact rules and procedure for your application to obtain the visa and permanent residency.

There are many consultants in Dubai who offer their visa acceptance services and the most difficult task is to select the best one. In order to select the most appropriate consultant, you should make sure that the relevant person has proper knowledge of the visa application. The most important part to consider is that rules and regulations and updated on a regular basis and a person who is in direct connection to the visa application process on a daily basis would be able to help you in the best manner. Therefore, while selecting the consultant for your citizenship by investment in Cyprus, you need to make sure that you have hired the services of most relevant person.

Why Cyprus?
Cyprus has many opportunities for the new investors, and this is a great time to apply for the citizenship because doors are opened for permanent residency through the mode of capital injection. This could be the most appropriate time to give your business an expansion at international level and move out of your country for a better future.