Have you ever faced domestic violence? No? This is great thing to hear. As domestic violence is not a good thing to experience. This is related to the dominant behavior of an individual towards his or her partner, children, parents or the coinhabits.

Domestic violence has a number of forms or you can say the types each one differing from the others, these include:
• Physical and verbal abuse
• Emotional and religious abuse
• Reproductive and sexual abuse
• Economic abuse
Is it wise to be a victim of abuse forever?
No one deserves to live a life of misery. Everyone wants to feel the freedom as it is the born right of each individual. No individual has to rule over the other by force. The abuser is a criminal who have to be accountable of his physical and verbal crimes against the victim. domestic violence attorney Boca Raton and others are serving in the Florida to help such victims and pull them out of the abusive relationship and file a case against the abuser.
Who is the abuser?
Abuser is the one who abuses the weak individual than him in physical and verbal manner. Any person with faults in his mind being the negative production of societal norms is the abuser. He/she misuses his/her power for ego satisfaction or other reasons.
Mostly the males are abusers, but in a number of cases females are also seen to be the vigilant abusers. They abuse verbally and physically their partners or boyfriends, their parents or even they beat the child. Usually the foster mother does this act.
Who is the victim?
Just like the abuser, victim too is irrespective of the gender. Mostly women and children are victims, but there are many cases in which males are also victims of other males or the female partners. Poor and weak individuals are basically the victims including old parents and small children.